Harris County Criminal Courts Phone Numbers


County Criminal Court No. 1          713-755-6180     Judge Paula Goodhart     8th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 2          713-755-6184     Judge William Harmon     8th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 3          713-755-6188     Judge Natalie Fleming     8th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 4          713-755-6192     Judge John Clinton          8th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 5          713-755-6196     Judge Margaret Harris     9th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 6          713-755-6200     Judge Larry Standley       9th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 7          713-755-6204     Judge Pam Derbyshire     9th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 8          713-755-6208     Judge Jay Karahan           9th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 9          713-755-6212     Judge Analia Wilkerson    10th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 10        713-755-6216     Judge Dan Spjut               10th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 11        713-755-7780     Judge Diane Bull               10th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 12        713-755-7738     Judge Robin Brown           10th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 13        713-755-7950     Judge Don Smyth              11th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 14        713-755-5683     Judge Michael Fields         11th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 15        713-755-4760     Judge Jean Hughes           11th Floor
County Criminal Court No. 16        713-755-3575     Judge  Darrell Jordan         11th Floor


174th District Court           832-927-4200     Judge Hazel Jones              19th Floor
176th District Court           832-927-4225     Judge Nikita Harmon           19th Floor
177th District Court           832-927-4250     Judge Robert Johnson         19th Floor
178th District Court           832-927-4275     Judge Kelli Johnson             19th Floor
179th District Court           832-927-4100     Judge Randy Roll                 18th Floor
180th District Court           832-927-4125     Judge Catherine Evans        18th Floor
182nd District Court          832-927-4150     Judge Jeannine Barr             18th Floor
183rd District Court           832-927-4175     Judge Vanessa Velasquez    18th Floor
184th District Court           832-927-3900     Judge Jan Krocker                17th Floor
185th District Court           832-927-3925     Judge Susan Brown              17th Floor
208th District Court           832-927-3950     Judge Denise Collins             17th Floor
209th District Court           832-927-3975     Judge Michael McSpadden   17th Floor
228th District Court           832-927-3800     Judge Marc Carter                 17th Floor
230th District Court           832-927-3825     Judge Bradley Hart                17th Floor
232nd District Court          832-927-3850     Judge Presiding                     16th Floor
248th District Court           832-927-3875     Judge Katherine Cabiness     16th Floor
262nd District Court          832-927-3700     Judge Denise Bradley            15th Floor
263rd District Court           832-927-3725     Judge Jim Wallace                 15th Floor
337th District Court           832-927-3750     Judge Herb Ritchie                 15th Floor
338th District Court           832-927-3775     Judge Ramona Franklin          15th Floor
339th District Court           832-927-3650     Judge Maria T. Jackson          14th Floor
351st District Court           832-927-3675     Judge George Powell              14th Floor
(Updated in May 2017)

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