Harris County Criminal Lawyer James Sullivan Fights the Government at Jury Trial

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Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys James Sullivan and Associates each have practiced criminal defense law for 30 years or more and have represented over 4,000 clients. They defend people charged with all types of criminal cases, ranging from misdemeanor assault of a family member to felony aggravated robbery. They get results. They recommend trial by jury in most cases to get the best result possible.  

As John Henry Wigmore wrote in 1929, "the jury... adjusts the general rule of law to the justice to the particular case", ie. the jury can bring justice in a case where the law itself does not allow it.
Law and justice are from time to time inevitably in conflict. . . . The jury . . . adjusts the general rule of law to the justice to the particular case. Thus the odium of inflexible rules of law is avoided, and popular satisfaction is preserved . . . That is what jury trial does. It supplies that flexibility of legal rules which is essential to justice and popular contentment. ~John Henry Wigmore, American jurist, 20th century
A jury nullification in a trial occurs when a jury reaches a verdict contrary to the judge's instructions as to the law. This is just one of several reasons a trial by jury in criminal cases is preferred.

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Our Houston criminal lawyers defend clients charged with crimes in district courts and county criminal courts, including domestic violence (assault of a family member), drug possession or drug delivery, violent crimes, and juvenile delinquency.