Representation in Houston Juvenile Court

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Your Child Listens To His Houston Juvenile Attorney

If your child cooperates with their Houston Juvenile Lawyer, his or her chances of being released from detention and returning to your home increases. Furthermore, if they are ultimately found true to have engaged in delinquent conduct in court, he or she is more likely to receive a lenient sentence.  Following your lawyer's advice can only help your case no matter what.

Your Child Should Behave

If your child is charged with a Texas juvenile offense, he or she should not get into any more trouble.  You have enough problems already.  Your child should be on their best behavior.  If you have to supervise your child at all times and keep him or her in the house, do it because that may be the only way to get past this accusation.

If Your Child Needs It, Get Him or Her Help

You child may need additional assistance.  Some children have mental problems.  If your child does, we have experience working with psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists on Texas juvenile cases.  We can also work with you to get your child drug therapy if he or she needs it.  We can advise you on what to do before your child first comes to court.

Your child may need extra support. If your child has any psychological problems, we have experience working with psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists on juvenile cases. If your child has a drug problem we can also work with you to get you the help you need.  The proper representation of a juvenile requires a complex multi-disciplinary approach that only a trained expert knows how to properly handle.

Houston Juvenile Attorney James Sullivan is a Board Certified Houston Juvenile Defense Attorney and is a recognized expert in the highly specialized area of Juvenile Law.

Does your child have the proper representation of a Board Certified Houston Juvenile Attorney?  If not, call James Sullivan at (281) 546-6428.  He will fight to keep your child's record clean.

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